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Success Story Of Bill Gates

Success isn't built overnight, that is why I'm gonna share a story of well know wealthy man called Bill Gates. Since I've got a story to tell so allow me to share the story right away. William Henry Gates, born on 28 October 1955 in Seattle, Washington. Bill started showing interest in computer programming at the age of 13 at Lakeside School. He persued his passion through college. Through technological innovation, keen business strategy and aggressive competitive tactics he built the world largest software business, Microsoft in the process he became one of the richest men in the world.He relished in playing board games (liked taking risks) and he excelled in monopoly. Bill had a very close relationship with his motger, Mary. Bill was a voracious reader as a child, spending most of hours pouring over reference books like encyclopedia. Around the age of about 11 or 12, Bill's parents began to have concerns about his behavior. He was doing well at school, but he seem

How To Be Happy instead of FEELiNG happy

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being which can be defined by, among others, positive or pleasant emotion ranging from contentment to increase joy. Happiness is the key to almost everything. Most people don`t enjoy the feeling of happiness longer than expected. And you know when you are not happy you are depressed. One thing we should know is that we try by all means to feel happy, instead we should be happy not feel happy. Anything that makes you happy it also has the ability to make you sad. The following basics plays a major role in accessing happiness. Things that you need to do obtain happiness .    Exercise almost everyday.  This is the first step you need to consider before you tend to do major work. Exercising everyday will decrease the rate of stress in your mind, and you will also have greater chances of being healthier. Exercise plays a role in both psychological and emotional, and one of the things i love about exercises is that it protects against

Things successful people will never tell

We all wanna be successful one day, and we all have certain dreams and perceptions. If you desire success, never rely on one source cause tables may turn and change direction. You have to fail (maybe get false advise) many times to succeed. Here are the things successful people will never tell • Weird Routines Most of successful people love to stay up at night and work while others are asleep. It's not just a one time thing, its a routine/ habit. But if you find one and ask, they won't easily tell that they work throughout the night instead some will say “i have a normal routine just like people".. Well you can't be successful and do what people do. • How much money they earn We all know that people don't usually mention their salaries but successful people won't ever tell. The only thing they tell is that they hustle. • Admitting that they are successful. You will find a successful respected person having a mansion, money, great expensive cars but ne

How to Overcome everyday life distractions

For you to live life gloriously, confidence must occur. Building your confidence comes with accepting who you are,what you have, being honest to yourself. They say “Great things come to you at the right moment" true but there's No neccesity in waiting for things to come to u instead GO ALL OUT,SPEND ALL YOUR ENERGY ACHIEVING YOUR DESIRED DESTINY... That's what I'd die for...and there will be haters, Nonbelievers and then be you proving them wrong.. Haters Everyone has a purpose in life... But some people fail to persue their dreams because of spending a lot of time copying other's. Life is rare most fail, least reach their triumph. If you think your haters wanna make your life miserable then you wrong...they wanna see you doing good but never better than them. Know that they dont even hate you, they ironically hate themselves because you are a reflection of what they wishes to be. But they will undermine you, make you feel lost,without any visible directio

Difficulties Young adults interact with

Adolescent phase? Is the state of becoming an adult. During adolescence lot of things, feelings occur rapidly like physical changes on the body an emotional changes like depression, anxiousness etc.. but approximately 70% of world teenage population aren't even aware of these kind of feelings or what causes them? It is said that the older you grow the more you compensate about things. Almost all teens think their struggles are different from other's like having a sudden depression out of nowhere, well its highly normal but by the age of after 18 such feelings normally decrease because you will then literally be an adult. Every teenage have to pass through such feelings. Such feelings have the ability to distract any teenage from focusing on academics. Difficulties teens find in balancing academics • Spending more time doing things rather than focusing in studies Teens spend more of their time at screens or phones on social Media's (WhatApp, Facebook, twitter, Instagra

How To Develop Inner Strength

Where is your inner strength? i get it, totally know how it feels. i know that life sometimes sucks, it hurts right in the heart an soul for a period. Everyday when you wake up you gotta be stronger, smarter, an older than you were yesterday. If life sucks today you still have a chance to make it better tomorrow. Lets focus on the future and let the past pass by. Your inner strength is in both your heart and mind. One of the things that can reduce your inner strength is your inner ENEMY ( negativity that is ) that you must fight first before you can think of fighting anything else. Yeah we all got some vicissitudes in life but how we react to them is what determines our future technically. “ You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength. ” -Marcus Aurelius How To Maintain Inner Strength •Set Small, achievable goals for yourself. • Find Balance in life • Don't Let Your Inner Enemy defeat You • Avoid Labeling yourself • Meditate

How to stay on path

Focus? Is a concentration on a particular thing and thinking about it, discuss it or deal with it rather than doing something else... Pressure is privileged, never waste your time focusing on things that won't benefit you and your future. Focus on your priorities then you will achieve what you get focused on. PROFITABLE WAYS TO REMAIN FOCUSED • Find what made you lose focus in first place. • Organize your life. • Be purposeful over your desires. • Always remember your priorities almost everyday. • Peace yourself. • Don't be afraid of distractions. • Seek for advice, never hesitate to ask. Eradicating distractions • Find a quite place to work/study • Pinpoint your emotional distractions • Learn to say NO without a Reason • Never prefer other things over your priorities Putting yourself first is not selfishness... Its necessary • Set specific time to work on one thing How to focus your mind • Witness your thoughts • Master your thoughts • Thi